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General Info:Double Deflection Design
Adjustable Vertical and Horizontal Blades
Long Air Throws
Wide Dispersion Patterns
Wall or Ceiling Mount

Sizes:12x4 / 18x4 / 24x4 / 30x4
12x6 / 18x6 / 24x6 / 30x6
12x8 / 18x8 / 24x8 / 30x8
12x10 / 18x10 / 24x10 / 30x10
12x12 / 18x12 / 24x12 / 30x12

Construction:Heavy Gauge Aluminum
Foam Gasket

Standard Finish:#52 White Powder Coat

Optional Standard Finishes #12 Anodized Powder Coat 
#42 Gloss Black Powder Coat
#43 Flat Black Powder Coat
#62 Grey Primer Powder Coat 
#72 Silver Metallic Powder Coat
* Custom Colors Available *


The Rectangular Grille Double Deflection - Curve Frame (RGDD-F) is a contemporary air distribution grille with architectural appeal. It combines versatility and the modern esthetics of a flowing rectangular design with superior performance and high quality.The individually adjustable front and rear blades are designed so the air stream can be adjusted from a concentrated column of air to a conical widespread diffusion pattern. The versatility of the RGDD-F makes it suitable for applications requiring high velocity spot cooling or a dispersed airflow projection.

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